Summer Event

Fragrance experience

Details :

COCKTAIL TIME // Workshop – Decomposition of a perfume
Step 1 – Discovery of raw and processed raw materials that make up the same fragrance
Step 2 – Discover 2 or 3 accords that make up the same scent
Step 3 – Assembling the perfume: discovering the final perfume

MEAL TIME // Olfactory Quiz
Part 1 – Speaking on an odor (giving a memory, a color, a shape, a sensation, an emotion…)
Part 2 – Recognize raw materials
Part 3 – Recognize iconic perfumes and / or best sellers

CONFERENCE (FR) // Presentation on NATURAL with a note on the latest trend
– Definitions of natural
– Creation challenges
– Perfumer’s work
– New trend: Cannabis
– Q&A

When: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Château Taillefer-Lafon

1500 Montée Champagne
Ste-Dorothée, Laval
Québec, Canada
H7X 4H9


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