Education day – September 20, 2016

Presented by David C. Steinberg

This educational day will be shared in 2 parts

The Challenges of  Global Preservation of Cosmetics

The relentless attack on all preservatives goes on.  These include new bans and restrictions on previously approve preservatives in the EU, additions to Canada’s Hot List, State prohibitions and their pseudo retractions, the NGO’s scare tactics and the worst attacks are by the marketers of cosmetics. What is the end result of these attacks? A mad scramble to find anything to preserve our products that is acceptable to our marketing department. Suppliers come out with new unheard of “natural” preservatives, blends of whatever marketing will accept to try and find a combination that works and recalls of contaminated products. Guess who woke up to this problem? The regulators! What will they do? The EU is proposing a ban on “free” claims but the one to watch out for is the latest FDA’s Cosmetic Guidelines issued early this year.

Regulatory updates

From the latest news in the US, California, Canada, Europe and other issues. This will update you on on you need to know as you  you face and the latest changes. Subjects include the latest California problems including Proposition 65, CARB, and the Safe Cosmetic Act. From the FDA the latest issues include the inspectors guide, OTC drugs and proposed legislation in the Congress. The EU will cover the latest changes to the regulations and scientific opinions and finally what is happening on the Canadian Hot List.


Where : Montreal Novotel Airport

When : September 20, 2016     9:00 – 16:30
(Welcoming starting at 8:30)

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Eventbrite - Journée d'éducation/Educational Day - presented by David Steinberg