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[podcast] Estelle Loing, Ph.D., on Safeguarding Squalene

April 13, 2018

Estelle Loing, Ph.D., global R&D director for IFF/Lucas Meyer, authored a new article for the May 2018 edition Cosmetics & Toiletries about protecting squalene from pollution-initiated oxidation. In this podcast, she explains the inspiration for this work.

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IFF Lucas Meyer Sustainably Sources from the Forest

March 6, 2018

IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics’s (LMC’s) strategic invesment last summer in Bio Forextra, a Canadian R&D lab specialized in sustainable cosmetic actives and botanical extracts, has turned over a new leaf for the company—literally. As of October 2017, LMC began distributing Bio Forextra’s Borēaline line of products derived from red maple, black spruce and other forest-sourced ingredients.

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Profession: Focus on 4 women who work in the beauty industry

February 28, 2018

They are four. Four professionals from the world of beauty who brilliantly perform very different jobs. Some work in the shadows, others in the light. Close ups.

KARINE JONCAS, Care designer for Karine Joncas Cosmetics
JULIE CUSSON, Makeup artist for Chanel
MARIE-HÉLÈNE LAIR, Director of international scientific communication at Clarins
ALESSANDRA GATTI, Training manager at Neostrata

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Ça vaut le coup – Featuring Yves Lanctôt on the subject of hydrating creams

January, 2018

We know what a moisturizer is for, but do we really use the one that suits our needs, e.g. depending on the season? What criteria should encourage us to use one product over another, especially when prices range from $3.50 to $25 for the same quantity? And what about the famous parabens? Eve Beaudin and chemist Yves Lanctôt answer a number of questions.

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Environmentally friendly beauty, familiar faces

January 22, 2018

Three new collections of anti-aging products that have two important points in common: they are composed of natural and organic ingredients, and have been developed by well-known Quebec public figures.

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The craze for charcoal cosmetics and the Quebec brand Charbon Noir

Septembre 29, 2017

A little coal on your face? New favorite ingredient of cosmetic brands, its black particles are everywhere. Mask, micellar water, oil, toothpaste … It is found in various products of hygiene and beauty to purify and detoxify the skin in depth. And one of the brands riding the trend is based in Quebec City.

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