Souper-Conférence le 29 septembre 2015

Modern cosmetic emulsions : beyond the HLB method.

By Ricardo Diez, Ph.D.

Griffin’s HLB Method was introduced in 1949 as an empirical approach to make emulsions. It remains a staple of the cosmetic industry and for some it is one of the most important discoveries of the cosmetic industry. For other, however, the method is of limited value since it fails to explain, much less predict, critical performance factors of cosmetic emulsions, such as texture, skin feel (initial and final), speed of skin absorbance and the impact of the ingredients on the delivery of actives.

Modern cosmetic emulsions are complex multiphase systems of diverse crystalline structures. These structures, which cannot be explained with the HLB method, impact key performance and sensorial attributes of creams and lotions.

The conference will present a new approach capable of explaining these structures, correlating them with the compositions of the emulsions and their sensorial and efficacy performance properties.

About the speaker

Ricardo Diez, Ph.D, has more than 35 years of experience in R&D and Product Development positions in the cosmetic industry in both consumer product companies (Procter & Gamble, Dial Corp, Chanel) and raw material manufacturers (Miranol, Stepan, Witco).

Ricardo has obtained several patents and presented many papers in congresses and symposiums. He is a professor at Rutgers University for the Master of Business and Science Program and imparts seminars for the IFSCC and the SCC with focus on product innovation via new materials and technologies.


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