Journée d’éducation / Educational day – Oct. 27, 2015

Claim substantiation and skin aging

By Dr. Nava Dayan

Seminar Description

The FDA and the FTC are carefully watching cosmetic products for non- substantiated misleading claims. If the claim is indeed misleading the consumer and drives to a purchase of a product that will not deliver its premise- this is an ethical matter. With the skin care industry striving to produce safer products, it should also further stream its scientific resources towards testing products for their activity on the skin and provide fair translation into claims. Common criteria for justification of claims are a challenging aspect in product development since it needs to be customized for the purpose of use and nature of the product developed. Of specific growing interest are claims associated with prevention and affecting skin aging and its clinical manifestation. This seminar is tailored to provide key aspects in the establishment of best practice to be applied in experimental design and tie it into the regulatory framework rationale. Examples for skin aging claims will be discussed as well as correlation to current scientific knowledge in skin aging key biochemical cascades.

Seminar Instructor

Nava Dayan, PhD, is founder and president of a skin science and research consultancy serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care industries. Dr. Dayan’s 25 years of experience in the greater skin care segment, have yielded more than 150 publication credits in numerous industry-respected journals four books, as well as an In-Cosmetics Gold Award for innovation and commensurate recognition from the NYSCC and the CRS for excellence. Dayan holds a PhD in pharmaceutics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is the bearer of several patent applications for original work in skin actives and delivery systems. Dr. Dayan services focus on innovation, bridging technology to industry, identifying paths in product development, efficacy claims, safety assessment, skin absorption, increased efficacy and strategies to attenuate adverse effects.


When : 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Where : Novotel Montréal Aéroport Hotel – 2599 Bd Alfred Nobel, Ville Saint Laurent

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