2017 Chrismas Party

To end the year in style while remaining in the historical theme of the 20 years of our chapter of Quebec, we propose to make a good in the past by offering an evening out of the ordinary.


Ville Marie November 1717…
The port of Montreal is teeming with activity while the beautiful season is in full swing. Travelers from all over come together in a thriving triangular business. Money changes hands in every way … even the most illicit.
In the vaults of the inn, some have established an underground gambling hall: betting games, racing games, dice games are at the rendezvous for bettors eager to make a fortune to right the most beautiful goods.
Laughing, music and shady glances rub shoulders to live a unique experience worthy of the best Berlan of the time.

Play the game

You will find yourself bet and bet all your money (false of course) to the different tables of games:
• Krabs
• Roulette
• Black Jack
• Shut the box

The money the lucky ones will have won will be very precious at the end of the evening!
Also play the game to the full and decorate your outfit with a vintage accessory. For the bravest: Disguise yourself !!

Details : 

Where : 
Sucrerie Bonaventure
15400 Rue Charles
Mirabel, QC J7J 1P3

2017 November 28th
Welcoming starting at 5:30pm


Register before the 2017 November 21st !!!