Souper-conférence 22 mars 2016

Effectiveness Through Targeting: Using Delivery Systems in Cosmetic Products

By Arnoldo Fonseca

Cosmetic active ingredients have been undergoing an evolution from whole extracts in the 1970s to more purified active ingredients of today.  Over the last few years, the biogenetics revolution has started to drive further evolution of actives towards measurable benefits at the cellular level.  Between greater access to information through the Internet of today and growth in the popularity of genetic testing of tomorrow, consumer expectations and awareness of efficacy at the skin cellular level is expected to grow in the coming decades.  In this future state, efficacy of an active not only depends on its own mechanism of action, but formulator’s ability to target these actives into the skin through ingredient delivery systems. This presentation will provide a perspective on this evolution of active ingredients, how the landscape is changing, and how technologies like delivery systems may play an important role.

About the speaker

Arnoldo Fonseca is the Marketing Manager for Personal Care and Cleaning Solutions at Air Products and Chemicals, a U.S. based Fortune 500 industrial gasses and chemicals firm. Air Products’ portfolio includes both specialty polymers and delivery system based active ingredients, the latter obtained through the acquisition of ROVI Cosmetics GmbH in 2012. Arnoldo has co-authored articles in trade journals including Cosmetics & Toiletries and Personal Care Magazine and actively participates in the SCC. Prior to his present position he held multiple roles within Air Products and at various consulting firms focused outside of the cosmetics industry, and has a business and systems engineering educational background.


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