2022 Committee

President – Nicolas Munoz

[email protected]

I would like to thank all of our members and supporters of the Quebec Chapter of the SCC. Our dynamic and dedicated team will do everything we can to deliver a constructive 2022. As President, I am looking forward to ensuring that SCC Quebec continues to be a source of information for our chemists, members and related roles in the industry. We will seek to help you better understand the regulations and demystify the trends. We also want to recognize and enhance the diversity that exists in our industry; and we will continue to explore face-to-face networking opportunities because, like you, we are motivated by discussions that are accompanied by smiles seen in person rather than through computer screens!





Vice- President – Amélie Gauthier

[email protected]

After graduating from ISPICA with a master’s degree in a specialized chemistry for the cosmetic industry, my curiosity led me to work in various departments and sectors that I am passionate about.

After having spent several years in the R&D laboratory, I travelled throughout Quebec as a consultant. Today, I work as a representative for Gattefossé.

The SCC has always been a great place for me to meet, exchange and share with my peers. I am very happy to take over the vice-presidency this year to work on the development of our chapter.



Treasurer Elect – Julieth Hernandez

[email protected]

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from McGill University and started my career in the chemical industry as a lab assistant troubleshooting and developing different types of formulations for the paint and coatings industry. After several years in this role, I decided to change gears and accepted an offer to become an account manager for the personal care industry (which I considered closer to my formal education).

I am eager to be part of the new SCC Committee and excited about my new role as a treasurer-Elect for 2022. I look forward to contributing to the team and the members with my talents. I am confident that this will be a great learning experience for me and that it will not only help me to grow but will also help me to serve you better.




Treasurer – Fabien Goudon

[email protected]

As a graduate of the first cohort of the D.E.S.S. in Cosmetology from UQAC, I have been working in the industry for 6 years now.

Sometimes with manufacturers, sometimes for private brands, I chose to help clients develop their projects and products at Dermaflore as QA and New Projects Director.

I am joining the committee again, this time in the role of treasurer, in order to offer our members a variety of events and hopefully in person!

Hope to see you very soon!




Secretary – Annaelle Edon

[email protected]

After graduating in biology and biochemistry in France, I came to Quebec for an experience and at the same time I completed a DESS in cosmetology. I have been on this side of the Atlantic Ocean for 7 years now.

I am currently in charge of the research and development team at Crescita Skin Sciences and I participate in the development of new products for our brands. I love to innovate, learn new things and share moments with the different people around me both at work and in my personal life.  I have already had the chance to be part of the SCC office and I am very happy to be back as secretary for this new year. I look forward to seeing you virtually or in person at our events!




Communication Manager & Editor – Leana Rosanelli

[email protected]om

Receiving my degree in a specialization of Cell and Molecular Biology from Concordia University, I had a really hard time entering the work force. After getting an epiphany of merging my loves for cosmetics and science I decided to get a Graduate diploma at Seneca College in Cosmetic Chemistry to get into an industry I was passionate about.

5 years in the industry, I have worked in both sales and laboratory positions. I find myself now as the Account Manager for both personal care and HI&I at Essential Ingredients.

I am very excited for my new role as Editor this year, and to give back to a society that continues to grow and continue my education.




Event Coordinator – Delphine Desperier

[email protected]

My education in chemistry and my 15 years in cosmetic product formulation have fulfilled my curiosity and my desire to see one of my “creations” on consumer shelves. 5 years now on the sales team at Gattefossé Canada, I always use my scientific knowledge to understand and advise. But it is above all else the meetings and exchanges that are a source of inspiration.

It is with great enthusiasm that I join again the CCS Quebec Committee which has welcomed me among its members for more than 15 years. I hope that 2022 will allow us to meet other than virtually. There is nothing like discussing over a drink or a meal while enjoying conferences that are sometimes very technical, sometimes lighter, but always able to make our industry shine.